Jesse Fox

I'm a photographer, video & performance artist and this blog is for sharing my continuous new work. If you want to repost any of the artwork i put up here, please remember to give credit! thanks :)

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It’s almost 2014! This year has been a very interesting one for me both personally and professionally.  I have done a lot of traveling, grown up a lot, been published in 14 different publications and created some of my favorite images to date.  The photos here are a selection of a few of my favorites I shot for CityBeat, the publication I work for full-time in Cincinnati.  I am so grateful to have a job where I get paid to do what I love while still having time and being encouraged by my co-workers to continue doing freelance work and personal projects.  Not many people have the best of both worlds, so thank you CityBeat for allowing me to!  

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